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Code of Conduct

PS&C follows strict rules and code of conduct to maintain the discipline in institution and character building, in the following areas:-


  • Violation of the institution’s order could lead to the student’s discharge from the college and heavy fines depending upon the severity of the transgression. Undermentioned actions are strictly forbidden:-
  • Use of Abusive and Un-becoming Language
  • Unseemly behavior, Immoral Leanings.
  • Willful damage to the college property.
  • Use of Unfair means in Examination.
  • Membership of any political organizations and participation in processions and public meetings.
  • Rude behavior towards any staff member of the college.
  • Absence from classes and other college activities without genuine reason/prior permission.
  • Borrowing money.
  • Betting and gambling.
  • Gross violation of college rules enforced from time to time.
  • Possession of prohibited items like mobile phones, undesirable literature, CDs/USBs/Camera, listening devices.
  • Undesirable behavior of parents with staff members.
  • Attendance:
  • Punctuality is the hallmark of any institution and PS&C remains focused on attendance with laid down policy which is followed in letter and spirit. Absence without a valid reason is liable to penalty. Leave is only granted on genuine grounds; applications must reach to the authorities two weeks prior. Maximum leave permissible for a student in a year is 10 days. 

The campus at a Glance: The campus of PS&C includes:-

  • Spacious Classrooms
  • Science Laboratories
  • Computer Laboratories
  • Libraries
  • Sports Facilities
  • Transport Facilities
  • Security of the Campus
  • Guidance and Counseling