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Historical Background

Hi! You are going to visit the website of one of the oldest and largest educational institutions in the valley of the scenic beauty of Gilgit City, known as Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shaheed Public Schools and Colleges Jutial Gilgit. The alumni of this 40 years old institution are known as “Jutialian”. The institution accommodates 6000 students across Gilgit Baltistan, the land of Lakes like Attabad, Upper Kachura, Satpara, Shausar, Khalti, and Rush; Glaciers like Baltoro, Biafo, Hispar, Batura, and Pasu; Rivers like Indus, Shyok, Hunza, Shingo, and Astore’ Mountains Peaks like K-2, Nanga Parbat, Raka Poshi, Gasherbrum, Masherbrum and Muztagh and many others. The history of Public Schools and Colleges Jutial Gilgit reveals its aura of success since its establishment in 1980 in the form of countless successful alumni across the Globe and Pakistan as true professionals representing their alma mater.  The Public Schools and Colleges remained a hidden center of excellence and cradle of shaping well-rounded personalities away from the globalized world of the internet, social media like youtube, Google, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Netflix, yahoo mail, eBay, Amazon or any other platforms providing opportunities to be known in the world. Although the map of the school is easy to search on Google Map in the name of Public Schools and Colleges at Jutial in Gilgit city near to the gushing rivers of Gilgit and Hunza however, for reaching the institution one has to travel through Karakorum Highway; one of the wonders of the world about 500 kilometers from Rawalpindi Islamabad to Gilgit. Initially, the institution was simple in its outlook, however with the passage of time developed into a conglomerate of institutions including from Montessori education to post-graduate studies affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad and the University of Punjab. The institution served the educational needs of Gilgit Baltistan region in general and the Gilgit city specifically for the last 40 years from 1980 to 2020; however, the pandemic of coronavirus famously known as COVID19 has changed the entire philosophy of life globally and changed the global relations including national organizations and institutions. In terms of pandemic “Covod19” sufferings; this institution is no exception. This institution The mission target of this institution is to provide quality education in the region at a highly affordable level. The best buy principle to get admission in this institution is “first come first serve” and merit is strictly followed. There is a certain question that definitely comes to your mind; like, How I can get there in Public Schools and Colleges? How I can get admission to Public Schools and Colleges? How can I contact the School management? How can I compare the inexpensiveness of this institution?   How rapidly this institution has gained its status in the city? How do they deal with the students or parents? How do they manage their budget? How Public Schools and Colleges are known as the best in town? How such a cheap education is provided in Public Schools and Colleges? How this institution is contributing to alleviate the educational standards in the region? How to buy its prospectus, uniform, books, and stationery? This site helps you and guides you to access easily all the required information. The site provides guidelines for students, staff, parents, alumni, global educational organizations, institutions, and donor organizations.